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> Labour and Human Resources

> Tax and Accounting

The Comprehensive Advisor will provide you with a one-stop solution, encompassing the main fields for legal and business advice, ensuring you receive all the required support to fulfil the obligations related to your professional and/or business activity.

As a single contact person, with a 360º vision, the Comprehensive Advisor will enable you to benefit from personalised solutions with the great added value this implies.

Although we believe in specialisation, our experience has taught us that the best solutions are not those offered by dealing with each case from the same perspective, but rather by analysing it as a whole and detecting all the implications that such solution could imply in other fields. Only in this way can we be sure our solution is the best one.

Moreover, by applying this policy, we also avoid doubling up work, wasting time and including unnecessary fees in your invoice.

Lastly, in coordination with the Comprehensive Advisor, our management team will undertake to carry out all the required procedures and take all the steps to complete the process.


> Administrative work

B U S I N E S S   D E P A R T M E N T

Comprehensive Advisor

In general, our Full Business Counsel service covers the main areas of every business, including all the formalities which on an ongoing baises are required by the different Public Entities.

In particular, this area includes, but are not limited to, the following services:

• On-going legal advice regarding Labor Law and personnel as well as any other advice in this field

• Bookkeeping and economic and financial analysis

• Billing assistance for your business

• Tax advice, as well as preparation of the different periodical tax declarations

• Proceedings and other dealings with the Tax Authorities (AEAT)

• Tax planning for your business, resolution of queries and tailor made reports about tax implications for you or your business, both national and international

• Judicial and legal advice in Labor, Civil, Real Estate, Commercial and Corporate Law jurisdictions

• Foundations, Associations and Cooperatives

• Family Businesses and Asset Management

• Patents and Trademarks

• Data Protection advice

• Counselling on different proceedings before Public Entities

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