Our team of specialists and consultants will provide you a comprehensive and personalized management service of your personnel.

As your Labor advisor, we will help your business, providing outsourcing solutions for your Personnel administration.

At INTASGES we encompass all the action areas, carrying out all the procedures and formalities in a quick and efficient manner since we are connected to all the main government bodies to facilitate the processes.


> Comprehensive Advisor

> Labour and Human Resources

> Tax & Accounting

> Administrative Work

B U S I N E S S   D E P A R T M E N T

Labour and Human Resources

• Payroll management and Social Security (including registration, de-registration, etc.)

• Application and updating of Collective Agreements and labor standards

• Processing employment registrations, terminations and changes

• Drafting, renewals and extensions of employment contracts. Study of the best alternative, reductions, bonuses and bonuses in Social Security.

• Social Security registration and subsequent amendments

• Registration and cancellation within the Special System for Freelance Workers (RETA) and other special systems

• Quarterly and Annual declarations (such as 110 and 190 model), as well as withholding tax certificates and communicating details to the payer

• Proactive management and monitorization of your staff

• Labor Inspectorate

• Procedures with Public Bodies

• Adjustment of employment levels (“expediente de regulación de empleo”)

• Disability, retirement and similar procedures

• Labor due diligences

• Collective and individual dismissals procedures

• Special procedures (disciplinary measures, holidays, etc.)

• Advice and representation in conciliatory actions with SMAC - Magistratura

• Other administrative works: up to date with Social Security obligations , procedures in collections and postponements, accident reports, working life reports, etc.

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