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We provide Labour legal advise both to individuals and businesses, working hand in hand with their Personnel and Human Resources departments.

We advise our clients on all matters concerning, creation, development and termination of employment relationships, including the defending their interests before the Administrative Bodies, Labour Inspectorate and the Courts and Tribunals in the Social Jurisdiction.

Additionally, we have extensive experience carrying out Labour “due diligences” for business acquisition and restructuring processes, as well as collective bargaining processes, modifications of working conditions, immigration and Social Security.


L E G A L   D E P A R T M E N T


Labour Law

> Foreign Investors

> Procedural Law

• On-going daily legal advice for businesses

• Terminations and suspensions of individual labour relations

• Labour procedures

• Redundancies

• Modifications/amendments

• Claims for payment

• Special procedures

• CMAC’s

• Collective Labour Disputes

• Claims and proceedings before Social Security (retirements,  disabilities, etc.)

• Dealings before the Inspectorate of Work and Social Security

• Due-diligence and legal advice in business acquisitions and restructuring

• Labor contracts, hiring, deductions and special labor conditions

• Special labor contracts targeted for specific groups (i.e. Entrepreneurs)

• Registration and contributions to Social Security

• Compensation and remuneration schemes

• Top Executives

• Updated reports about recent law modifications and interpretations

• Services for the workers: advisory services and guidance before signing labor contracts, payroll, claims, proceedings before the Tribunals (disciplinary proceedings, redundancy), etc.

• Application for benefits

• Disability files

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