Our team of Economists, Accountants and Tax Consultants provides personalized tax advice to both companies and individuals.

On one side our tax advisory services include the financial planning your business needs as well as full compliance with your tax obligations making sure that all the obligations before the Spanish Tax Authorities are met on time.

On the other side, the core mission of our finance and accounting experts is to guide, support and better manage your business finances.

For this, we maintain ongoing contact with the accounts and/or finance responsible of your company, assigning one of our professionals for you, who, when needed will visit your premises periodically.

We aim to know in depth your business and solve your technical questions promptly.

Additionally, we work with industry leaders in providing professional software solutions. This enables us to provide a broad range of possibilities to facilitate the flow of information and correctly manage the accounts of your company.


B U S I N E S S   D E P A R T M E N T

Tax and Accounting

> Comprehensive Advisor

> Labour and Human Resources

> Tax & Accounting

> Administrative work

• Ongoing tax advice for companies and individuals

• Taxes - both State and Autonomous Comunity :

• Income tax (“IRPF”) and Capital tax (“Patrimonio”)

• Corporate tax (“Sociedades”)

• VAT (“IVA”)

• Property transfer tax (“ITP”) and Document duties tax (“AJD”)

• Local taxes: Trading tax (“IAE”), Property tax (“IBI”), Increase in property value tax (“Impuesto sobre el Incremento del Valor de los Terrenos”), etc.

• Tax planning

• Preparation and presentation of tax declarations - companies and individuals

• Tax for special activities (”Módulos”)

• Tax books

• Procedures with the Tax Authorities

• General tax advice and studies of tax implications for your business, both national and international

• Bookkeeping - from the documentation provided by the client (invoices, expenses, banking movements), including:

• Daily and general ledger

• VAT records book (input and output VAT)

• Balance sheet and statements of profit and loss

• Official registration for companies under “Módulos” system

• Company shareholders’ book

• Minutes book: Shareholders meeting and Board of Directors

• Preparation and deposit of the Annual Report, Annual Accounts and Management Report

• Legalization of accounting books

• Annual financial reports and other reports requested by the client

• Budget controls

• Option to check from your computer the books of your company

• Option to link your company billing and accounting, saving time and reducing costs

• Other services: business feasibility studies, valuation of companies, etc.


Accounting and Finance

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